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A little bit about 

Paula Jenkins

Paula spent 8 years serving in the Royal Air Force, privileged and grateful to have travelled, explored and experienced the world with the now retired Nimrod Aircraft. During her time in the military, she discovered a passion for learning about the human body, and began retraining as a Sports Therapist. On leaving the military, she embarked on a career that continually moves her towards both new and ancient healing modalities.
Blending western knowledge, with eastern magic, Paula weaves her scientific and indigenous teachings, creating bespoke offerings to share with you.

To summarise her life in the field of a sports therapist:
Paula knows pain. She has studied pain and the causes of it extensively - for well over 20 years. Like most of us who enjoy a healthy dose of adrenalin in life, she has certainly accumulated her own physical experiences, restrictions and history with pain.
Her clientele, like most people in her field, is diverse. Alongside the professional sportspeople, opera singers and people you would recognise in a magazine, she counts the TellyTubbies and Bulls (yes, the horned, bovine variety) as clients, with everybody else neatly placed in between.
Alongside hands on practicing, she lectured in Sports Therapy and in Fitness. From lecturing to Internally Verifying, she then worked as an External Verifier in both these fields, writing curriculum for an Awarding Body and carrying out Quality Assurance checks at training centres, colleges, and universities.
She doesn't give up easily and loves a challenge. You're actually going to be doing her a favour if you bring a complex injury to the treatment couch.
Ultimately, her aim is to make herself redundant to you - or to at least see you on a maintenance level. The toolset she has spent over half her life developing is designed to give you the skills, confidence and understanding to keep you moving. To keep you functioning.

​"Knowledge is for sharing, it's a two way street. Every part of your journey through our time together teaches me, and I like that"



The human body has always fascinated Paula, and she has spent the last few decades devouring knowledge spanning from the up-to-date scientific findings to therapies and practices that have been with us for thousands of years. Her teachers are vast - from those holding doctorates, to those within monasteries and indigenous tribes. With an approach to work and practices that is completely holistic, her aim is to take you past what you thought capable.
Our minds and bodies are biologically similar, yet each present a unique challenge. The beauty is that we hold the answers to these challenges within ourselves and more often than not, we simply ask ourselves the wrong question, resulting the solution evading us.  
When it comes to her work, you could say that she asks a lot of questions, or facilitates the space in order for you to ask yourself those questions. Be that on a yoga mat, in meditation, facing a bed of hot coals/broken glass, within the dark embrace of a sweatlodge or during the tranquillity of a sound bath.
Sometimes all we need is to be still and to allow time for processing.

Visually Paula

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