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Shamanic Ceremony & Breathwork

“Humans are a part of creation and shamanism is our way of connecting with the whole.”
― Will Adcock

Shamanic Healing

Paula has been trained, continues training and practices extensively in extractions, power retrievals and soul retrievals.
With her passion in this field leaning towards extractions and psychopomps

and with her partner, Al, having served in the Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue, she is guided by him to remote locations throughout Scotland to perform psychopomps at recovery and crash sites.

Paula has also carried out psychopomps in Ireland at non consecrated burial sites which were primarily used for burying unbaptised and stillborn children, but sometimes used to bury adults not deemed eligible for burial in consecrated land and carries out house clearances/blessings and performs extractions at retreats, workshops and privately.

Breathwork Therapy

Breathe to become, to let go, to grow, to motivate, to overcome.

There's breathwork that you will carry out if in Yoga or on a treatment couch, but in addition to this, Paula is also a breathwork practitioner/coach. The form of Breathwork she has studied has its roots in the conscious breathing that was pioneered by Leonard Orr in the 1970’s.
Taught by one of her masters, Peggy Dylan, who was one of the first people in the world trained and since developed its healing capacities over the last four decades, and also taught by Stephen Mulhearn, her shamanic mentor and teacher.

A breathwork session will see you lying down in a comfortable position knowing you are being completely supported whilst you go through this deeply healing session. Guided to consciously use your breath to drop into your subconscious and into every cell of your body. The process not only facilitates the release of trauma and blockages but guides you to awaken the raw energy within and to reach bliss filled states of being. 


We offer workshops, corporate, individual and group breathwork sessions, utilising effective strategies and breathing techniques to help overcome the challenges we face in life. Conscious breathing teaches you how to breathe fully, getting more oxygen to your brain and body helping you take back control of your life, allow you to recharge your energy whilst reducing stress, anxiety and pain.
Breathing teaches you and allows you to focus, to relax and sleep better, to recover from trauma, to become more aware of your body - to feel good within your body and to feel more peaceful and connected.
If that wasn't enough, breathwork sessions also help you step back from any emotional reactions, allowing you to access the intelligence of your own body-mind and establish new patterns and responses in your life. It offers an increased freedom of expression, and a connection to your true self as well as an overall feeling of personal empowerment.


“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”― Thich Nhat Hang,

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