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An element that holds the potential to provide warmth and light, protection and comfort.

Firewalking and fire dancing are rituals that have been used as rites of passage for a millennia. With evidence of their practice throughout the world, they are used for purification, initiation, celebration and for healing purposes.

“When you walk on fire, you ignite a fire within your soul that can never be extinguished.”

Firewalking. Preparing the coals.
Glass Walking:
During a glass walk the energy really turns inward. Unlike the firewalk, where the energy is palpable, infectious, and undeniable, when we face a path of broken glass, it is just us. There’s no hiding. We draw our focus inward. We step with care and deliberation. This is a breakthrough exercise in mindfulness, focus, and commitment.

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Arrow Break
This activity is based on an ancient Fijian ritual and was gifted to the Western world by one of Paula’s teachers, Peggy Dylan.
A wooden archery arrow is placed with one end of the arrow nestled in the soft notch of your throat, just above your collarbone, and the other end resting against a board/solid surface.
Your mind announces that this is dangerous, but with the guidance and support of our Sundoor trained team, you step forward and you break that arrow with your throat.
The arrow break is an extremely powerful experience for pushing through you own limiting beliefs.

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