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A 3 hour immersion in the comfort of your home or holiday home.

With time for some free movement with somatic exercise, a deeply meditative yin yoga session with sound and a cupping massage.

This combination is to allow us to identify, shift and move any tension we are holding on to, allowing us to align the body, breath and mind.


The somatic movements help show us where in the body we are holding tension, and here we begin the process of releasing.

A cupping massage - with cupping the emphasis is on pulling and drawing out, rather than pushing into the tissues - facilitating the release and removal of emotional and physical blocks.

Yin yoga allows us to go deep into our bodies, surrounded with the healing vibrations of a sound bath, filling the space we have created with all we wish more of.



Please note that the price of this immersion is valid for approximately one hour of travel so please drop me a message for more details. Venues/homes outwith this will have a surcharge for travel on top.

Individual Immersion

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