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Mother's day, March 2024

Today, I celebrate the women with painfully empty wombs.

Today, I honour the mums who never held their babies.

The mums who have lost theirs.

Today, I hold those who had no choice.

Celebrate those who chose not to.

And smile at those excitedly awaiting their time.

Today, I celebrate the women who choose to use that love and empty space to nurture, protect, and nourish all that grows and lives on this planet.

Those who heal the sister wounds, the womb healers, protectors, and warriors.

Today, I celebrate Mother Nature. 

Today, I give gratitude to mums who share the joy of motherhood and allow those of us who watch on to be part of their miracle. 

Today, I give gratitude to the men who wipe away our tears, who hold us through the grief and see us as whole.

To those standing tall and smiling through tears, I see you.

This is our day, too.

I love you. We love you

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