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Through The Darkness

Moving into spring, we already see and feel the changes of the season.

The daffodils are still pushing through the soil amongst the hills up with us, a little behind the rest of the country - but nothing is rushed in nature...and everything is perfect.

Beautiful new green shoots and leaves with a hint of yellow and the promise of a bloom are sprinkled as far and as wide as the eye can see.

With our delight in seeing them about to flower, we can easily forget the struggle of their journey. Their battle as they push up through the darkness, growing trusting and moving instinctively towards their goal.

We simply admire their beauty, the end result.

I was blessed with teachings in traditional Native American dance last year. Which was incredible, and I really must bring them to you some time, but what struck me was the war dance we learned, honouring the battle that the planted seeds endure as they bring forth sustenance and beauty to our lands.

A war dance without the impending bloodshed, but one of gratitude, one of grace, and one of beauty. 

Honour your journey through darkness.

Stand tall in your beauty. 

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